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Dealing with Sore Joints: Nov 2019

From the Desk of Susanna J. Davis RN, BNSc, CH November 2019 Newsletter


Sore joints have filled my "In Box" and telephone messages these past few weeks. Colder weather affecting body temperature, changes in diet, alcohol consumption and flare-ups of parasitic activity can all lead to acidic body fluids that allow for minerals and toxins to come out of solution into solid jagged forms that irritate a joint action. Dehydration can also be a not drink juices, soda pop, and coffee but rather good old pure water or hot herbal teas such as green tea, ginger tea, and Yerba Mate.

Avoid high lectin foods such as those from the nightshade family, that is tomatoes, peppers, cayenne, eggplant, and potatoes. Also, grains can be very troublesome. If you would like a complete list of lectin-free foods and the ones to avoid just call or email and I will send it. You can download a pdf of the list from here. Or purchase Dr. Steven Gundry's book here.

Using a Zapper (Dr. Hilda Clark's adaptation of a TENS unit and available locally) regularly will help your body keep parasites to a minimum. Often zapping above and below a sore joint will improve the joint immensely.

There are many herbs that will help reduce discomfort in joints such as Boswellia (Medi Herbs) and the Ayurvedic formula of thousands of years and produced by Metagenics, Inflavanoid IC. These and many other Turmeric/Curcurmin preparations are available on Fullscript at or by phoning 1-866-807-3828.

In my office I also carry Homeocan's Arthflex, an excellent liquid herbal joint detox, and Traumacare cream, liquid and spray to help reduce inflammation.

Simple is often the best and Vitamin D3 and Fish Oil products should be a baseline approach in all joint dysfunction issues as would be Magnesium Glycinate to alleviate any muscle spasms affecting the joints.

The compulsion to tighten up into an inward ball is almost overwhelming with winter temperatures and climate in our faces but we are urged by longevity experts to move, move, move however we can to help keep joints lubricated and a spring in our step.

These supports and many others are available on the Fullscript website, your online supplement store. Go to:

Or phone Fullscript: 1-877-941-1449 or Susanna to order for you: 613-382-1403