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Imitating the Sun's Generosity with Vitamin D: Nov 2020

From the Desk of Susanna J. Davis BNSc, CH

In my world travelling stage in my twenties I discovered that Northern European countries reminded their citizens in the early Fall to start taking their Fish Oil in their diets. As a young Public Health nurse I thought this was genius public education. When I returned to Canada and inquired I discovered that such education had been discontinued when Vitamin D was added to milk. However, it was a small amount, poorly absorbed, and of course, many do not drink milk. A lot of research has been done on Vitamin D, its various forms and bioavailability. Vitamin D3 is considered a brain hormone as well as primarily contributing to the appropriate absorption of calcium in the small intestine. Appropriate blood calcium levels are key markers in viral protection. A person with a serious viral infection will invariably have low blood calcium levels. The sun on our skin triggers our bodies to manufacture Vitamin D but without that skin exposure we need Fish Oil, liquid or encapsulated, or Vitamin D3 tablets, capsules or liquid dropper. 1000IU used to be the recommended dose, but most of my clients thrive on 4000IU/day. If you put Fish Oil (1-2 tbsp) in your Power Smoothie you do not need to take extra tablets on that day. Tablet supplements come by the 1000IU dose. You can rely on Fullscript's various brands carrying Vitamin D. Search "Vitamin D" and choose tabs, dropper liquid, capsules or "non fishy" fish oil liquid. Products are available on Fullscript at 10% off for the month of November. Visit ______________________________________________________________

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