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Hibernation Beckons: November 2020

I am not a fan of the Time Changes: Spring ahead and Fall Back. They have always felt like a complete intrusion on my sense of Biorhythm and comfort within the Earth's seasonal rhythms. I recently heard a CBC program interviewing a Canadian scientist who spent her research career studying Biorhythms. She claimed that all her research points out that the standard time to daylight saving time and back again is very hard on our systems. The natural world celebrates the end of the growing season by a great flashy show of colour and then migrations, food storage and hibernation are in focus. For some of us humans the call to hibernate before the winter solstice is very strong and societies' be-bop attachment to a summery outlook and timing can seem obtrusive and even offensive. If this happens to you, certain herbs called Nervines can be very helpful. These include Skullcap, Hops, Passionflower and St. John's Wort. I like Metagenics formula "Benesom" that has both herbs and a low dose of melatonin, the sleepytime neurotransmitter that cues the brain to sleep. For those who lose focus with time changes, taking some L-Theanine (AOR) will help maintain that focus for daily activities and projects without unpleasant side effects. Adaptogens can also help, such as Metagenics "Exhilarin" to maintain hormonal health when environmental cues have changed. Or even the Covid 19 immune strengthening adaptogens can help, for example St. Francis' Astragalus and Viralfect. If you feel like hibernating, embrace it. Have warm baths, sleep extra happy hours and enjoy the dive to deeper thoughts. See what creativity may lurk in the darker, slower rhythm! ______________________________________________________________

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