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Wisdom & Winter: October 2019

From the Desk of Susanna J. Davis RN, BNSc, CH October 2019 Newsletter WISDOM AND WINTER The natural cycle of contracting into coolness is upon us. Our bodies tighten as we pull our boots on and wrap scarves around our necks. Here are a few "words of wisdom" honed over many winters. WINTER AND SUN When we do not get at least 20 minutes of sun on bare skin we develop a Vitamin D deficiency. Fish liver oil and Vitamin D3 supplements are easy ways to supplement. 1000 to 4000 IU are usually sufficient to ensure ongoing mineral absorption, brain health, and immune system support. Vitamin D deficiency leads to calcium deficiency, a factor contributing to respiratory illness. Do take advantage of sunny days outside even if only your rosy cheeks get exposed. VITAMIN D AND EFA'S Vitamin D3 is available on Fullscript as dry tablets, liquid and capsules (see brands Genestra, Metagenics, Carlson and NHF). The EFA fish oils are available in liquid (Carlsons, Ascenta and Nordic) 1-2 tbsp a day and capsule forms at 2 a day or more. Your skin is great feedback about whether you are getting enough EFA's. If dry and scaly you need to be more generous with all your oils (eg. fish plus good oils in your diet like coconut, olive and avocado oil). Pour good oils on hot veggies and use in salad dressings. TRAVEL Essential fatty acids like Fish Oil (EPA/DHA) Mulit-EFA (3-6-9) capsules are very important for the trips South to hot, sunny climates out of our winter one. Be generous with taking your EFA's internally, lather good oil lotions, and stagger sun bathing in 15 to 20 minute time periods with shade in between. You will increase your Vitamin D3 substantially for the winter if you use sunscreen for beach play but allow some sun in small doses over the day, drink several glasses of water daily, and keep oiled inside and out. These supports and many others are available on the Fullscript website, your online supplement store. Go to: Or phone Fullscript: 1-877-941-1449 or phone Susanna to order for you: 613-382-1403