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Fun in the Sun: Summer 2019

The sun will absorb our attention these next few months. While many perspectives give warnings about all the risks of sun exposure we really need to understand how to work with the sun. Everyone has heard of Vitamin D and how the sun makes this in our skin. This vitamin allows for the movement of Calcium from inside our gut to the bloodstream. When we have too much Vitamin D our blood can become thick with mineral ions pulled from cells indiscriminately. This thick blood is part of the symptom package of sun burn and sun stroke, that is, exposure to too much sun. It is Vitamin F that works to keep minerals in the cell collecting and storing the sun's energy to be slow released as necessary. Vitamin F is found in oils and fats such as extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, as well as in foods such as organ meats (eg. liver), avocado, nuts and eggs. It is good to understand that minerals are like suitcases at the airport. They do not go anywhere unless someone picks them up, puts them on a conveyor belt and moves them to their hoped for destination. Supplements can be very handy with such a process. Fish oils, liquid or encapsulated will provide both vitamins D & F. Pouring the liquid oils (many are lightly flavoured with lemon) on food can be an ideal way to get these vitamin factors into the diet. Check out my "Blended Salad Dressing" recipe designed to increase your consumption of healthy oils. On days of sun exposure try to take 1 tbsp liquid oil or 2 caps (500-1000 iu) of EFA/DHA in the morning and again with your evening meal. Go in and out of the sun, provide some shade for yourself and light clothing. Use sunscreen for anticipated long exposure to the sun.

If you are headachey after a Beach Day immediately take 2 caps or 1 tbsp of fish oil or olive oil to put circulating calcium back into cells. Rubbing Trauma Care cream on your neck will help and a big drink of water lightly sprinkled with sea salt will as well. Belladonna 30c is the homeopathic for balancing. Obviously, if these simple things have not alleviated the sun headache then you really overdid time in the sun and might want to get checked at Emerg. Common sense can be an unappreciated skill but a necessary ally when dealing with the Center of our Solar System. What gives Life Energy calls all creatures to intelligent cooperation. Enjoy your summer,


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