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Cycle of Spring Cleaning

Cycle of Spring Cleaning: Spring Newsletter

Consider starting with the Body's Spring Clean this year. Support the Body's Detox pathway and natural processes to take the load of toxicity off the cellular processes. Chelation (molecular binding and neutralizing of toxins) starts in the digestion and blood. Herbs such as parsley and cilantro fulfill this function as do supplements like Metagenics Ultra C 1000 (tabs or powder) or Genestra's Scorbatate Powder that blends Vitamin C (buffered) and Trace Minerals. Products such as Metagenics Advaclear and MetClear support the detox pathways to clear heavy metals and other large molecule toxins. Homeopathics such as Unda 1 or Pascoe's Lymphdiaral help the organs of detoxification operate at optimal levels. Renew Brand has boxed herbal detox programs designed to support deeper cleansing over 1 month. In your diet, include Asparagus four times a week to clean the kidneys, increase fiber and Fish Oils to clean the intestines and as Dandelions show up eat fresh clean leaves daily to clean the liver. Supplements might include Genestra's LIV Complex, MediHerbs Livton or Livco, Pure Encapsulations Liver - GI Detox or St. Francis' Hepato DR and Milk Thistle. Keep in mind that the body likes to work on its cycles of Strengthening followed by Detoxification and then returns to strengthening.

These supports and many others are available on the Fullscript website, your online supplement store. Go to: or Phone: 1-877-941-1449