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Susanna J. Davis BNSc, CH

Holistic Health Consultant

Call 613-382-1403 to schedule a consultation by phone or in-person. Or email for more information.


Susanna J. Davis BNSc, CH

  "Blocked energy leads to disease; open the flow  

  of energy in the body and healing begins."    

~ Therapeutic Touch

My philosophy of Health and Wellness during the past 50 years has been to advocate for and empower the natural physiology and creativity that we are all born with.

In keeping with this, I have endeavored to assist my clientele to take knowledgeable responsibility for their Wellness.

This can involve partnership with a variety of practitioners and supports – homeopathic, elemental, plant, and animal, to enhance the outworking of Soul Purpose.

Health always involves a holistic Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical approach.




Susanna J. Davis BNSc, CH

I graduated from Nightingale School of Nursing (Toronto) in 1967 and Queen's University Bachelor of Nursing Science in 1968. Before going into Private Practice in 1988, I gained experience in Intensive Care and Prenatal, Rehabilitation, and Community Nursing. I specialized in Health Education and was a pioneering teacher of Therapeutic Touch.

My post-graduate education has included many medical nursing, nutritional, naturopathic, herbal (Chartered Herbalist), shamanic, vibrational, homeopathic, cranio-sacral (Advanced Level Upledger and Hancock techniques), and therapy courses.

I work with several of the top clinical nutritional and wellness support products. Ordering instructions for products I recommend can be found here.

In addition, I am a founding supporter of an international healing and women's empowerment project in the Democratic Republic of Congo:  The Tchukudu Women’s Training Centre  (TWTC): A partnership with Worlds Collide Africa. Click here to learn more about our work supporting women fleeing war.


Individualized Health Programs

Health Assessment & Counselling Appointments

May include:

• Co-operative prioritizing

• Advance homework in extensive symptom surveys

• pH Testing of saliva and urine

• Acoustic Cardiograph: graphing sounds of the heart, which are linked to systemic nutritional status

• Contact Reflex Analysis: using the Acupuncture system to ascertain stress patterns and assist with balancing

• Food sensitivity testing

• Assessment as necessary to initiate and/or support individual programs

  "Healing happens with a non-ordinary  

  state of consciousness."  

~ Cherokee Elder

Individual Programs
Image by Marivi Pazos

Individual Programs

May include:

Dietary changes

• Nutritional supplements

• Vibrational medicines, such as homeopathy and flower essences

• Energy balancing

• Cranial Sacral Therapy (Upledger & Hancock techniques)

• Bowel cleansing and tissue detox support 

• Ion cleanse foot bath

• Therapeutic Touch

• Stress reduction techniques

• Brain Gym Educational Kinesiology techniques

• Referrals to other health practitioners

• Educational courses

You will find a full range of quality supplements, homeopathics, and wellness products from  Fullscript  and  Metagenics Canada .


Call or email to schedule at:

613-382-1403 or

In-person appointments take place at my Willowood Health office, located between Kingston and Gananoque, in Southeastern Ontario.

Please contact me for directions.

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